Approach and style


We are working closely with our clients being brutally honest, sharing and bouncing the ideas back and forth, and specifying the goalsneeds, and expectations very precisely.

We respect you the same as we respect ourselves – no empty promises that we can not fulfill.

To make the process as smooth and effective as possible, we’re not including any excessive links or unnecessary people in the chain. If needed, the client is working closely with the developer, marketer, strategist, or some other specialist. There will be no info exchange done by some “senior superstar project-salesman manager”. Yes, there will be someone to keep the hand on the pulse, but not for exchanging info.

Why’s that good? This is to avoid misinterpretations and to ensure, that you can get the service you need and even better. Also, not to mention, this cuts some corners and brings down the costs.

We’d like to mention, that we’re all humans and it’s in our nature to make errors. The difference with us is our willingness to accept them and make corrections. If we do not make errors, it means that we have done them previously or we are toping up our potential.