Cargoland – transport platform

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Cargoland is a land transport logistics company committed to facilitating the work of other companies in the field where there are at least one logistics and one manager.

However, the development of the platform started with the company’s own problem – all communication was by phone or e-mail. The calls were like sales calls and too many e-mails were sent – there was a lack of manageability and efficiency in the information exchange process. To solve the problem, the Cargoland team had an idea – to create a platform where logisticians can easily find or offer a suitable product or a free vehicle along the desired route. By using the platform, it is possible to reduce the company’s expenses to a large extent and the time it would otherwise take to find a partner.

In cooperation with Dignicy, a functional web portal was created as a special solution, where it is possible to manage goods and vehicles, plan future trips, calculate time and gas costs, and much more, using the Kanban method.

Summary of issues:

  • Unnecessarily much communication by phone or e-mail;
  • Excessive time in gathering information;
  • Errors in the information – it is also possible that the goods did not arrive;

After development:

  • Operative information, always updated and accurate;
  • Goal-oriented structure;
  • Simplifies logistics and driver work;
  • The following business lines can be promoted.