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Good maintenance means that you can have a good night's sleep, knowing, that everything is good with your web page and you don't have to worry about hackers taking it down or that something might happen to it. This can be achieved by regular maintenance sessions in which we'll safely update software, back up all the data and fix all arisen problems during the maintenance.

How do we work?

Fair question…

We are working closely with our clients being brutally honest, sharing and bouncing the ideas back and forth, and specifying the goals, needs, and expectations very precisely.

We respect you the same as we respect ourselves – no empty promises that we can not fulfill.

If our clients thrive, we thrive...

In cooperation with our clients, we have built a few case studies covering how we’ve taken on different goals and needs, which problems arose and how we’d solve them. These stories should paint our “Mona Lisa” to know, that if we were a suitable long-term strategic partner for you.

Kapitali Grupp – Property selling, buying and rental

Real estate buying, selling and rental solution with XML data integrations

Liine Apartments – Booking a stay for vacation

An apartment booking website with extras, amenities and payment solution

Cargoland – land transport platform

SaaS platform for highway cargo shipping

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