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Kapitali Grupp (translated Capital Group) is a company that buys, sells, and rents out properties. Not only apartments or houses, but also technical buildings and office spaces, and production warehouses.

Their goal was to list all of the properties in the same place and make it central so the clients could save time and energy, and the company could make the sales process easier.

This project was a bit special – the listings are fetched using XML from external data sources that Capital Group uses and the listings are always up to date and provided with relevant data, even if changes are implemented in data.

In addition, there are different filters and functions developed on the website that make using it much more intuitive, intent clear, and effective.

A subgoal was to make Capital Group stand out in competition, provide information about their business, and use it as a marketing tool.

They are now happy to have:

  • a new and trustworthy website;
  • info gathered in one place;
  • more leads in business;
  • marketing insight and possibility for data analytics;
  • a visit card for their business;
  • more time to do more valuable work thanks to XML automation.