Liine Apartments

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Liine Apartments is a company that provides property rental for short-term stays or vacations. They are based in Estonia, Pärnu, which is known as the capital of summer.

As Liine Apartments’ goal was to provide the service at a more affordable price, they couldn’t do this using AirBNB or because of the high service fees. They came for us to develop a booking site with all the functionalities that would be needed to provide a booking service.

Client needed:

  • booking functionality;
  • instant payment gateway;
  • confirmation e-mails;
  • listing apartments;
  • display the extras and amenities;
  • option for adding extra services (like a bottle of champagne at arrival);
  • display a list of events, restaurants, and activities near the rental property;
  • multi-language support for tourists;
  • SEO and Analytics to gain marketing insight.

Of course, we were happy to help and got our hand on it. As we are experienced in developing booking websites, we already knew how to approach the strategy, create a good and clear UI and UX, develop the functions and make all the components come together as one.