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Eleport is a company that builds electric car charging infrastructure in EU Baltics, and also offers electric car rental services.

Dignicy has already cooperated with Eleport in two projects – Eleport and Eleport Rent website development.

In both cases, it was important for us to understand how the customer’s business works and how the user should receive information from the company so that it can be consumed as easily, expeditiously as possible and get everything they need.

The customer’s biggest problem was their old website – it was outdated, the mobile view did not work, and had bare minimum for SEO that was not sustainable. In addition, the page was not properly structured, was slow, and did not run Google Analytics or other statistics (data was incorrect).

In collaboration with Eleport’s marketing department, we developed a strategy, set goals, developed content logic, improved UI and UX design, planned SEO, implemented what we planned, and applied views for mobile. In addition, we set up Google Analytics software on the page to set up views and conversion goals.

The new website allowed Eleport to collect all needed marketing information. Their clients were able to navigate on the pages the way to find the needed information faster and the rate of goal completion started raising after 3 days from publishing.

Summary of issues:

  • Page speed and slow performance;
  • SEO deficient;
  • Bad device responsiveness;
  • Marketing data was nor reliable or measurable.

Post development, RESULTS:

  • Page load times improved significantly with more functions;
  • Optimized SEO with sustainable strategy;
  • Multi-device responsive;
  • Collecting measureable marketing data, results improved;
  • The overall design, user experience, and relevance of the page have been taken to the next level.