GScan – Putting ART into inspection technology.

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GScan is an Estonian deep-tech start-up company that has reached a growth phase by now and is expanding. 

Success goes hand in hand with development, and they also had a situation where the previously existing website was no longer sustainable. By the way, we can say that their previous website was also developed in cooperation with the Dignicy agency – back then, of course, as needed – something that would serve the basics and simply exist, with a minimal budget.

Why was the old website no longer sustainable? Namely – in the growth phase, the company renewed its visual identity and it was necessary to design a website accordingly. According to the CVI provided by the designers, a new website had to be created, the strategy set to meet goals, and so it was done.

The biggest challenge in developing this website was to come up with a strategy – the website had to explain their complicated technology to the customer in an easy manner, serve a business card, and tell a story about their birth and progress.

As the company did not have a marketing specialist, we used our long-term experience to formulate a strategy for the customer, planned the technology by explaining the user’s movement on the page, and walked the customer through needed steps.

Summary of issues:

  • An old website was outdated;
  • There was no structure and no goal;
  • No marketing data was collected;
  • SEO needed optimization and alignment with updated information;
  • Content texts needed translation and to be optimized.

Post development, RESULTS:

  • Design according to visual identity;
  • Goal-oriented structure;
  • Gathering marketing data allows to measure marketing activities;
  • SEO optimization and appearing on the first page of Google search;
  • Content texts optimized and rewritten;
  • Page speed optimized;
  • The user is spending more time on the page than before.